Martin Frischknecht
PowerTube Inventor
An engineer, scientist and professional musician suffering rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy, Martin applied his back ground in engineering, experience and knowledge within music and frequencies to create a device to end his suffering and support others in pain relief.

The PowerTube has brought happiness to many people around the world. It has also changed Martin Frischknechts life and for years now he has been travelling the world educating others.
Martin believes that his device should awaken people to an understanding that health is as vital as harmony and peace.
Martin recognises the links between the PowerTube® and the laws of nature, in his book Frequency he reveals the mathematical laws that underpin the therapy device.
“There are no incurable diseases; every disease can be cured. The question is HOW?” says Martin Frischknecht “Never give up hope. Without hope you are hopelessly lost. Listen more to your heart than your mind.”

The PowerTube® frequency device works (through the skin) on the molecular water structure. The 3 fundamental frequencies with the corresponding harmonic series “vibrate” the water molecule in the mitochondria.
With great success world wide and high demand, over 200,000 devices sold in Europe, Frequency Academy is excited to introduce this technology.

Frequency Academy offers support, education and specialised programs using frequency technologies to optimise your health and lifestyle.
The PowerTube® frequency device is available for introduction at many events where complimentary soothing sessions are being offered.
Please see our Events page for where we will be next, or contact your local agent and health care practitioner in your area.

The PowerTube® is a registered medical device for pain relief.
The key to your reality is in your Frequency.